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How the fuck are ya?  Welcome to my Metallica page. 


This site is for all those people who really believe in Metallica as a very important part of Metal music today.  In the face of changing musical styles, generation, and an increasingly tightening social move for censorship Metallica have defied them all and have kept their true musicianship.  They have kept themselves alive in the music scene over 20 years now and are still going strong.   This site is for METAL fans (not the crazy Nu Metal bullshit going around now).  It's about real talent, real lyricism, and real heroes.  Metallica and their music have inspired hundreds of thousands of people throughout the years to stand up for the standards of humanity and have literally kicked the shit out of any other wannabe metal band.  ---Enough rambling already. 
Metallica IS metal.  period...

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